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Policy & Advocacy


  1. IHS Appropriations/Equitable Funding for CA (Facilities, PRC, Information Technology, Youth Care, Diabetes, Behavioral Health, Elder Care, Domestic Violence Prevention, and all other IHS line items)
  2. Protect Tribal Sovereignty/Protections for Tribal Organizations
  3. Other U.S. Agency Appropriations/Equitable Funding for CA Area (Housing, Veterans, Behavioral Health, Elder Care, Youth Care, and all other line items)
  4. Medicaid/Medicare Policy
  5. Land and Cultural Rights
  6. Other Priorities: Voting Rights


  1. Restore $6.4 Million Indian Health Program
  2. Medi-Cal/Managed Care/Covered California/Qualified Health (QHP) Issues (Credentialing, Contracting, seek State Plan Amendment to add Tribal FQHC designation and alternative payment methodology of OMB Rate, incorporate Traditional Health, Youth Engagement)
  3. Other Priorities: Protect Tribal Sovereignty Consultation
  4. Environmental Health/Natural Resources (water quality, air quality)
  5. Other Priorities: Diabetes Services (Dialysis) – includes “Diabetes Program, Diabetes Care, and Diabetes Services”
  6. Increase California Work Opportunity & Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) Indian Health Clinic Program Funding
  7. Combat Human Trafficking of AIANs
  8. Bring Dental Health Aide Therapy (DHAT) to California
  9. Other Priorities: Voting Rights


Other priorities, in order of importance, include protecting Tribal sovereignty, land and cultural rights, environmental issues that impact health, including water, and traditional hunting and fishing rights.

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