Telehealth Scheduling

Follow the link to access California Telehealth Network Scheduling System

Telehealth Services

“Telehealth Services” is an integrated collection of technologies, systems, and trained staff that enable health care providers to connect with patients, or groups of patients, through live and interactive video conferencing or “store and forward” (asynchronous) platforms using broadband network access.

Our goals for this service is to:

  1. Expand access to telehealth specialty services for CRIHB member Tribal Health Program clients and eConsult services for clinicians;
  2. Improve health status and well-being in Tribal Health Program clients;
  3. Enhance overall patient experience, particularly through culturally sensitive and competent skills of our telehealth specialists;
  4. Offer either matching or lower cost services, as compared to academic or for-profit telehealth service providers, through: 1) direct contracting with independent telehealth specialists, 2) bundling of telehealth demand across CRIHB member programs for price negotiations, and absorbing overhead and administrative costs by CRIHB.

Joining CRIHB’s Telehealth Program

This program is open to all full member Tribal Health Programs and the first step in exploring participation begins with a discussion of your needs, capabilities, and goals. Please contact the Health Systems Development Department at 916-929-9761 for more information.

Tribal Health Programs may enter or exit the program or modify their service order at three points in the year: April, August, and December by submitting an “Intent to Participate” form to

Technical Assistance

In keeping pace with the acceleration of technology and the national adoption of telehealth in the past decade, Tribal Health Programs are strategically using telehealth to address health disparities in our underserved tribal communities. CRIHB is committed to the ongoing development and expansion of this needed service by providing:

  • Assessment and evaluation of telehealth program needs and readiness for change;
  • Assistance in the development of program design, business model, identification of telehealth providers, and equipment selection;
  • Online and onsite training by Health Systems Development staff


CRIHB’s Health Systems Development Department: or 916-929-9761