Tribal Teen Pregnancy Prevention

CRIHB has operated a successful teen pregnancy prevention program for over ten years.  Youth programs work directly in the community to provide culturally appropriate health education, leadership programs, mentoring, youth conferences, parent education and community service.

The Tribal Personal Responsibility & Education Program (Tribal PREP) was designed to educate adolescents on both abstinence and contraception for the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS, and at least three adulthood preparation subjects.  The intention of the project is to increase awareness and understanding of critical issues in the life of young American Indian/Alaska Natives while improving self-efficacy and empowering youth to achieve their true potential.

Curriculum Components

The foundation of Tribal PREP is a 12 session intervention entitled AIAN Becoming a Responsible Teen; which is a culturally specific adaptation of an evidence based program.

Each of the 12 sessions includes a key American Indian value to serve as the focal point for the session. Also, the session is closed with a traditional AIAN talking circle to provide clarification and reflection.

The program begins with 3 sessions on Adult Preparation Subjects (APS):

  • Healthy relationships
  • Parent-child communication
  • Healthy life skills, such as goal-setting and decision making

The APS sessions are followed by 8 sessions of educational instruction which include youth driven and participation focused activities to increase learning while promoting positive connections between youth participants.

Tribal PREP Program Collaborators

Greenville Rancheria
San Diego American Indian Health Center
Tule River – Future Generations Program
Toiyabe Indian Health Project
United American Indian Involvement
Yurok Tribe


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