Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Tribal Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Curriculum Components

The foundation of Tribal PREP is a 12 session community-led program that offers the tools for future generations to become great leaders. Each of the 12 sessions includes key California Native American values to serve as the focal point for the session.

The program features in-depth adult preparedness lessons such as:

  • Traditional Leadership
  • Healthy relationships
  • Healthy life skills, such as goal-setting and decision making
  • Historical Trauma
  • Reproduction

The curriculum includes educational instruction and  youth driven and participation focused activities to increase learning while promoting positive connections between youth participants.

Tribal PREP Program Collaborators

  • Anav Tribal Health Clinic
  • Feather River Tribal Health, Inc.
  • Greenville Rancheria Tribal Health Program
  • K’ima:w Medical Center
  • Pit River Health Service, Inc.
  • San Diego American Indian Health Center
  • Sierra Native Aliance
  • Sonoma County Indian Health Project, Inc.
  • Toiyabe Indian Health Project, Inc.
  • Tule River – Future Generations Program
  • United Indian Health Services, Inc.

Online Resources

For further information on adolescent pregnancy prevention, please visit the follow sites:


Kathleen Jack, MPH
Research and Public Health Department Deputy Director

Alexis Dailey, MA
Health Education Specialist II