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Welcome to CRIHB's Job Board

What's Here for New Job Seekers? --Job seekers can view open positions at the CRIHB Central office (including the Head Start Program) and member health clinics and programs. You can search by Job Category and Location/Program. You can register on-line to post a resume that can be viewed by recruiting employers as well as member clinics and health programs.

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What's Here for Member Programs and Tribes? -- Contact your recruiting representative to
post your job vacancies on this website. They can also search the database of on-line applicants and send those applications to you.

CRIHB Recruiting Process -- When job vacancies are made public they are placed on this website and other recruitment advertising sites for a minimum of ten (10 days). Pay particular attention to the closing dates as applications and resumes must be received by the close of business on that date to be considered. Following the closing date applications and resumes are reviewed and interviews are scheduled with selected and documented Indian Preference candidates first. If there are no Indian Preference candidates or the position is not filled from the Indian Preference pool, the review process continues on to the pool of other qualified applicants.

About Indian Preference -- Preference in hiring is given to qualified American Indians in accordance with the Indian Preference Act (Title 25, U.S. Code, Section 472 and 473). Applicants claiming Indian preference must submit verification of Indian certified by tribe of affiliation or other acceptable documentation of Indian heritage. For information regarding documentation of Indian heritage we suggest the following links:
Or Call:
Bureau of Indian Affairs
(202) 208-3710

Bureau of Indian Affairs Enrollment Information
(202) 208-5513

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Employers can post your job vacancies on this website. They can also search and view the database of on-line applicant resumes.

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