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Mission Statement

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CRIHB is a network of Tribal Health Programs, which are controlled and sanctioned by Indian people, and their Tribal Governments.

We are committed to the needs and interests that elevate and promote the health status and social conditions of the Indian People of California.

CRIHB does this by providing advocacy, shared resources, training and technical assistance that enhances the delivery of quality comprehensive health related services.

Statement of Values

HEALTH CARE … we value:

Quality of Care: We support tribal health programs in delivery of quality comprehensive healthcare

We must never lose sight of the people we serve. Our services must be available, accessible, and acceptable to them.

Culturally Competent Health Care: We strive to integrate the best of both traditional medicine and western medicine within the context of our respective Indian cultures.

Traditional Health Practices:
We value the return to our traditional health practices and
the adoption of these into our personal and community health programs.

… we value:

Tribal Sovereignty:
We are the “First Nations”. We have a rich history of Tribal selfgovernance, with our own customs and laws and organizational structures, which we administer within the context of applicable State and Federal laws, in a government-to government relationship.

Leadership: Which has enabled us to survive, persevere, and develop as a people.

Unity and Shared Inter-Tribal Pursuits:
We are learning how to work together and collaborate more effectively. We have learned to set aside our own Tribal differences in order to pursue common legislative and programmatic goals through advocacy, coordinated actions and joint ventures.

Consensus Building and Collaboration:
In our own organizational participation and in our collective legislation and advocacy activities.

Indians Helping Indians:
Politically, we have accomplished this through the expression of self-determination. Professionally, we are committed to the recruitment, training, placement, and development of professional and non-professional personnel who are Indigenous. As a community we support each other in creating economic development opportunities to support our Tribal Health Programs.


Cultural Heritage: It enables us to preserve our integrity as independent societies. This includes:

          Respect for our Selves
          Respect for each Other
          Respect for our Families
          Respect for our Youth
          Respect for our Elders
          Respect for our Tribes
          Harmony in our Lives

Our Land: Maintaining a harmonious relationship with our environment, which is sacred to us.

Life Experiences: Which are rooted in our traditions and culture, and which we endeavor to share with our Youth.

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