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Tribal Government's Consultation Committee

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The Tribal Government's Consultation Committee (TGCC) was established in April, 1990 for the purpose of tribal consultation to the CRIHB Board of Director's on P.L. 93-638 tribal contracting issues. Further, the Tribal Government's Consultation Committee was established for purposes of clarifying broad policy and/or assessing specific problems, evaluating efforts to solve them, and recommending to the Board of Director's solutions in response to the problems. The Tribal Government's Consultation Committee serves to increase tribal access to the decision-making process, thereby expanding interest, participation in, and understanding of tribal health issues.


CRIHB TGCC membership shall include the Chairperson or official designee of each Tribe that sanctions CRIHB by tribal resolution for contracting purposes.

The term of TGCC members shall be in accordance with Tribal Law and Tribal elections. The official designee shall be seated on behalf of the elected representative upon submission of written notice from the Tribe's elected Chairperson.

Tribes not under subcontract may participate at their own expense in all matters before the Committee except subcontract related issues.

The Chairperson shall be elected by the TGCC at the CRIHB annual meeting in October. The Chairperson shall serve a term of 1 year. In the absence of the elected Chairperson, the TGCC Chairpersons shall select a Chairperson from the Chairpersons present to conduct the meeting.

The quorum is established by the number of tribal representatives present.


The basic responsibility of the Committee, unless otherwise broadened by the Board of Director's, is to provide policy, advice, and counsel to the Board of Directors. It is the Board's expectation that the Committee shall initiate studies based upon its own perception of problem areas. The Committee shall feel free to pursue at length and with thoroughness, analysis of program needs and resources required to effectively respond to needs of the tribes in the affected area. In the conduct of its affairs the Committee shall:

a. Review, assess and provide comment to CRIHB regarding policy issues.
b. Conduct such studies as deemed appropriate or requested by the Board of Directors.
c. Hold fact gathering meetings with the Tribes to better identify issues and problems.
d. Identify issues and document need for action by the Board of Directors.
e. Identify Tribal and community points of view in matters under consideration by the Board of Directors.
f. Analyze technical or complex problem areas for the purpose of presenting understandable and documented alternatives to the Board of Directors.
g. The Committee shall provide a forum for tribes to bring issues of concern to the TGCC for input and advice.
h. The Committee shall participate with the Board of Directors in IHS Contract Renewal Negotiations.


CRIHB shall reimburse Committee members for expenses incurred while carrying out the duties of the Committee in accordance with CRIHB travel policies.


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